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pCon.planner is a professional application that lets you design complex spaces easily. The program is designed to take into account the needs of interior architects and professional designers, yet it's easy enough to use that any regular user can take full advantage of it when planning a new kitchen or living room.

Start designing a three dimensional room as simple as creating the walls by clicking and adding elements such as doors and windows ingeniously.

pCon.planner has direct access to the pCon.catalog -- an innovative online product and troubleshooting catalogue from the industry's leaders -- where you can be inspired to embark on various practical projects.

Once you have finished your project, you can previsualize it easily from your copy of the program. Also, at any time you can choose to see your workspace from a different vantage point.

pCon.planner is an intuitive tool for any user who is interested in interior design, since, with its intuitive interface and wide range of possibilities, it makes itself a well-balanced program.
By Álvaro Toledo

- Background images within the planning area
- Rendering time twice as fast with OSPRay
- Additional OSPRay improvements including the ability to make adjustments during the rendering process
- New dimensioning features
- Comprehensive overview when creating professional concept layouts (PRO)

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